It looks as if the feed calculation is wrong. How do I use the different types of consumption, purchase, and inventory?

In PigVision, you can select 3 different ways of entering feed for your E-control report. 

1: Consumption – here you register the amount of feed which you have used in the period.  It is often registered on the last day of the period, but this is not necessary.

2: Purchase – Here you register all your purchases for each component. You can have more than one purchase of each product. At the end of the period, you assess how much you still have in stock. This amount you can enter as inventory in a new line. 

3: Inventory – The amount of feed on stock at the end of the period. The program will use this inventory in the next period. 

Entering feed, you either use A: Consumption or B: The combination of purchase and inventory. 

If you use purchase and inventory, PigVision will handle the inventory as a purchase in the next period.