The filter line is used for confine a search to keep an overview of data.

Click on the funnel-icon to open the green filter line:

You are able to write directly in the green column or click on the right side of the mouse on the green column you want to set up a filter for. Different options now appears: 

In the example below is a filtration for a specific date by clikking "Select date" above.

Now the list contains only sows that have farrowed 2024-02-21. 

It is also possible to set up multiple filters at the same time. I the example below a filter are set up for number of deadborn at the specific date. Now the list only shows sows that have farrowed 2024-02-21 and have had more than 1 deadborn pig. 

Another example is created for progeny:

In the picture below is a filter for dates between 2024-01-01 until 2024-02-22 and location 9 which is a location created for slaughterpigs.

It is possible to calculate amount for the list by clicking on the greek amount-icon and total amount appears in the bottom of the list. 

The sumline above shows 455 pigs are moved to location 9 at 4 different dates. The total weight is 27.305 kg. and the average weight is 60 kg. 

In reports and selected analyses it is possible to set up a filter fx positive/negative list. 

Go to "Analyse sows" - "Positive/negative list".

Below the filter set up is "Farm animal" underneath "Animal type", Exitdate is set up "Empty" and Litter no. is set up to only show 2-3 parity sows.

The list is arranged by "Animal number" from low to high.  

The list shows exclusively active farm animals, 2-3 parity sows. It is also possible to set up filter for key figures to the right with same procedure as above. 

Delete filter 

Place the mouse i the applicable column - click on the right side of the mouse - choose "Clear filter on". If you want to clear all filters you click on the filter-icon to set the filter line off. 

Save filter

Go to "Layout set up" - Click "Edit global layout" - Click "Filter sorting" - Click "Activate current filter" - Click "Ok"

Every time you open your "Positive/negative list" your filter setup is ready.