In PigVision version 2024.1 the following has been implemented: 


General changes: 

Terms and conditions for PigVision use have been updated.

You can find the updated terms and conditions under  Help - About - "General tab". License and Data processing agreement.

The slaughter data download from Tican can now handle both more delivery notes on same date and delivery notes without any pigs delivered (adjustments). 

Entering condition at birth (teats), when entering a new sow, is now saved. If the customer enters the number of teats under “Birth registration” at entry it will now be saved on the animal and will for example be visible on the animal card.

Changes related to German customers: 

Sow transfers will now trigger HIT and TAM registration. If a individual sow is transferred between two different VVVO numbers, it will will be shown in the HIT and TAM logs.

Changes related to Topigs Norsvin Customers: 

When starting a EDI data exchange by a synchronization, active sows did not trigger a tattoo event. Now all historical tattoo data of tattooed piglets of sows is included in the synchronization file “DD190300 Tattooing event”.

When importing TopigsNorsvin gilts, from an electronic delivery note, it is now mandatory to enter a purchase date.

Changes related to customer with a connection between PigVision and WinVet:

Change in Danish legislation, means that retreatment intervals are now sent to PigVision from WinVet for all types of treatment methods. This includes treatment intervals for treatments with method "In feed" or "In water".  

Translations and layouts:

A set of layouts for Danish Genetics nucleus management herds, have been implemented in the herdwizard.

Also some minor adjustments to the English, Danish and German language have been implemented in this version.