In PigVision version 2023.3, the following has been implemented:


To all customers:

  • By double-clicking a value in an analysis, it is possible to bring up the formula. At the top of that window the formula itself is shown and at the bottom the specific numbers are shown. It is possible to click on the numbers to bring up the sow numbers of the animals included in the calculation. In this window, a "Value" column has now been added. For example, if you look at the number "Days to 1st service" the number shown in the "Value" column will be the number of days between weaning and 1st service for each individual sow.




  • In breeding and multiplier herds, it is possible to register dead piglets with a number as a suckling piglet. This is done by adding a checkmark in the "Nursing piglet" box. This checkmark is automatically set if the animal's age is 21 days or less. The registration is sent to ADEx (AgroVision DataExchange), which is particularly relevant for the breeding and multiplier herds that send data to SEGES in the "Piglet Mortality Project".

See here how to get started sending data to SEGES: Data sharing with SEGES (in Danish) or read more about the project here: SEGES Insight



  • A new layout has been added to the Swedish Herd Wizard. This layout is used when searching for breeding progeny: