In PigVision version 2023.2 the following features has been implemented:

For Danish Genetics customers

  • Download of indexes now works both manually and automatically. New indexes are available in PigVision (every week Thursday morning at 10.00 CET)

Setup the automatic download by clicking the MyAgroVision icon in the bottom right corner of PigVision, enable the toggle next to "Danish Genetics". Fill in your credentials and enable "Automate the upload":



When you click "Done" and close the MyAgroVision menu, PigVision will automatically send and receive data from Danish Genetics.

You can manually download the indexes in PigVision: Breeding - Communication - Download index values.

See this FAQ on How to setup data exchange with Danish Genetics

You can also go through the Danish Genetics eLearning

In ADEX (AgroVison Data Exchange)

  • CPH number validation have been changed and is exported to ADEX. The CPH number can now be up to 20 characters long, as the length of these differ between countries.

  • Sow weights are now exported to ADEX. Reports on sow weight can be seen in for example MultiSite Monitor

  • Weaning “Transfer to” location/batch information is included in upload to ADEX

The "Read only" usertype

  • The possibility for user with “ReadOnly” usertype to enter/change certain datafields is no longer possible. A “ReadOnly” usertype were able to enter medicine and remarks on Actionlists, text on the sow card and delete entries already done in medications. Also, it was possible to import layouts for some menus

For German customers

  • XML file for ZDS (German governmental data collection and exchange system) has been corrected to contain consultancy name

  • Due to changes in security levels on HIT (Herkunftssicherungs- und Informationssystem für Tiere) servers, it was needed to adjust PigVision according to this.

  • New reports created and implemented in the FER (FerkelErzeugerRing, consultancy) export. One for real time, and one for Farrowings (events related to farrowings).

  • Formula "FarrSowsWeanPigs1Par" and “ServiceAborted” (days from service to abortion) are added to the German formulacollection PL_SOWS_DE. Both formulas are needed for calculation of production level reports “Summen 

    (Abferkel) and (Echtzeit). These reports are used as base for consultancy by German advisors.