When the window for Customer/Distributor opens it is the tab Delivery Agreement that is opened. Here you enter new delivery agreements. You must create a delivery agreement before you can create a delivery note.



Enter week and year in the column Delivery. Hereafter you enter sex, breed, and how much the age is allowed to deviate from the age entered on the delivery agreement. You can also add vaccines by double clicking on the field Selected vaccine and add the vaccination groups you have made active in your vaccination program. Hereafter you have the possibility to add Price setup. 

To enter the age and agedistribution, double click in the field "No. of pigs"

The default deviation is set to +/- two weeks, but it is possible to change this up to 9 weeks. 

To create the delivery note, click on the binoculars in the top of the windoe, shown in the red box on the picture below:



Confirm, that you are creating a delivery note, and the picture will shift to the tab "Delivery note":



As default the delivery date is set to monday of the entered week, this can be changed. 

The picture is divided into the delivery agreement in the left side and the delivery note in the right side. Under Delivery note - No. of pigs you can see how many animals is selected for the delivery note.

The background color of this field indicates how many animals has been selected and compares this to the delivery agreement:

Red background: There are too many animals on the delivery note or the age is not aligned with the delivery agreement 

Yellow background: Too few animals has been selected 

Green background: The number of animals and the age of these is aligned between the delivery note and the delivery agreement

A delivery note can be approved even if too few animals has been selected, but not if there is too many animals on the delivery note. 

When doubleclicking on the column "No. of pigs" two windows open.

The front window shows an overview of the stock of animals with the age of +/- 4 weeks from the interval on the delivery note:



"Delivery agreement" indicate how many animals are on agreements with other customers

"Selected to Delivery Note" indicates how many animals are on delivery notes for other customers.

"Left on herd" indicates how many animals is avilable after choosing animals for this delivery note. 

The rear window is for the slection of animals. If your layout has the column with the complete ID-nummer you can click on F5 and the animals that fulfils the the criteria for the delivery note will be shown.

Limiting the filter so you only see animals that you want to add to the delivery note you have the possibility to use the function "Choose all" in the top of the window. This can for exmaple by filtering on pens.