General icons

Most registration windows contain a row of default icons whose function does not differ between windows. Some of these icons have keyboard shortcuts which will be shown in parentheses after the text:

  Update: Refreshes and updates the current window (Ctrl + R)

  Delete: Delete e.g. an entry. To delete a service, select the service and click the Delete icon (Delete)

  Key in order: Sort registrations by registration time instead of event date (Ctrl + I)

  Print: Open the Print window

  Search: View the different options eligible for use. Select a registration field and click Search (F5)

  Layout Setup: Change the layout by e.g. adding registration columns, hiding the filter line, setting the number of decimals, etc. This is explained under Layout Setup (Ctrl + B)

Show filter line: Filter the window to e.g. only show a specific date interval. It is saved at Layout Setup and explained at Filter line (Ctrl + F)

  Show sum line: View the total of a specific registration column, e.g. the sum of total live born piglets. The sum line is explained at Sum line 

View graph: View a graph for the events in the window

 Select the layout to use and whether or not you want to create your own. This is explained in the Quick guide to custom layouts 

  The zoom function specific to the current window (Ctrl + Z)

  The number of events shown in that specific registration window, e.g. the number of farrowings in the farrowing window. This number will decrease if you use the filter line to filter away results.


In addition to the general icons, there is also a set of different shortcuts in the program. These are showed in the spreadsheet below. 





Cancel the current entry



Ctrl + I

Sorts the window by registration date instead of event date

Alt + PageUp

Row up

Ctrl + B

Edit layout

Ctrl + L

Choose layout

Ctrl + Z



Edit field


Set cells

Ctrl + D

Last 10


To change the shortcuts or create your own, press ALT + F12.

If you use multiple monitors or otherwise have many open WinPig.Net windows and you are having trouble finding the currently active window, you can press Shift + F12 to move the currently active window to the top left corner of monitor 1.