Description of how Valuation change is calculated for Progeny in PigVision.

What data is included in the calculation of valuation change of the stock.

Under "Progeny - Stocktake" you will find the values that are included directly in the calculation.

You have two values: The value of 'life' and the value of the weight of the pigs.

Figur 1 Example on stocktake with values. 

For Progeny (piglets - weaners - finishers and maiden gilts without number). That is, all pigs that are handled as a group and not as individual animals are calculated according to this formula.

The calculation:

The valuation change is calculated according to this formula:

(Number of pigs at start * Value/animal at start) - (Number of pigs at end * Value/animal at end)


(Total weight at start * Value/kg at start) - (Total weight at end * Value/kg at end)


Valuation change


If no stocktake values is entered, the formula collections SLG and PROGENY calculate valuation changes with values calculated on the basis of turnover prices.

Note: Included e.g. climate pigs as part of the sow herd report, then the formula is different.

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