Group card is a list of all pregnant sows split into service groups. On the group card you can see when work tasks such as heat check, pregnancy test, vaccination, etc. are to be performed during the pregnancy of the sows. 

When you open the group card there is a difference between the first time and subsequent times 


First time using "Group card" 

The work tasks you want to use in regard to the group card has to be added as selections. The work tasks you want to perform are added as selections which show the dates for the different work tasks. Therefore you have to activate the selections (work tasks) you want to use on the group card the first time you open the group card: 


  1. Go to "Management" – "Group card".
  2. Here is a set of default selections 
  3. Click on the selection you want to use and then click on the icon "Setup" .

4. A new window opens, where you see the setup of the selection. In this scenario "Preg. Check 4 weeks" is the subject. In this case, the date on the group card for pregnancy check, will be 28 days after the "Event type" "Service". 

You can also change the "Start day" or the "End day" depending on the period of which, you want the sows to appear on the list. 

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5. When the selection is done, you can close the window. Hereby you have activated the selection to the group card. It can now be seen in the top of the window, where the selection is created without "AS" in the "Code".

Make sure there is an checkmark in the column "Show on group card". 


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6. Now repeat the activation of the other columns as desired on the group card.

7. By using "Layout setup", you can select the coloumn "Animal filter", and thereby you can see if a filter is connected to the selection, if this only applies to a specific litter.

8. Close the window, and the group card opens.

9. If you later want to change in the selections, press "Setup" (bullet point 3) in the group card and make the changes as described above.



The Group card

When you have activated one or more selections you can setup the group card:

  1. Go to "Management" – "Group card".
  2. The group window will open, showing a list of all pregnant animals in the herd as well as in regard to their service groups and the period-interval of the service group. The selected service group is also shown.
  3. In the example below  is shown the "Service group" in which the sow is placed and which service period this cover. 
  4. In the top of the window you can choose which service group is to shown.

    Enter the number of the service group direct in the field or press this icon to see the possibilities.

    Here is selected service group no 35 which have a total of 45 animals.

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5. Now the Group card can be previewed or printed directly like any other print in PigVision.


Other information on the group card and layout options:

  1. If you press the icon "Layout setup"information about the sow can be added/removed as in other windows in PigVision. Especially under the tab "Printout" it can be relevant to make a few customizations:
    • You can replace the control date with week no for the control date
    •  Under the coloumn "Style" you can choose if the field is in Bold, as a blank field etc.