AgroVision have several pig programs and when you contact us it is relevant to know which program you have. There is Win.svin, WP16VET and PigVision (in PigVision the veterinarian program (WP16VET) is included in the program).  

On a day-to-day basis we call them “the old program”, “the veterinarian program” and “the new program”.  

If you have Win.svin (the old program) the icon on your desktop looks like this: 




PigVision comes as both a local installation and online on server. If you have a local installation, the program is running locally at your place and with a USB-dongle. If you have the local installation, it is important that you remember to make a web backup of your data. The icon on your desktop looks like this: 




If you have the online version of PigVision all your data is on our server and the program on your desktop looks like this: 




If you have the online version, you also have access to our mobile apps; PigVision Mobile Sows and PigVision Mobile Growers. 

If you want to have the online version of PigVision you are more than welcome to contact us. We do not start new costumers on our old program Win.Svin. You can find contact information on our website