In the menu Breeding – Communication – Show logs you can see the same log files as DanBred send you by email. The information is collected directly in DanBred’s Databank. This is why you can experience Danish phrases, which aren’t a part of the language files in Pigvision.

In Pigvision we have added the columns “Data parts” + “Error handled” to make it easier for you to identify which animals the file regards and eventually add your initials to show the error has been managed.

In the top of screen, you will find the log file itself. Below, you will see the errors in case they occurred when data was imported from DanBred. 

You are led to the webpage of DanBred when you click on the DanBred icon on the PigVision sow card and anywhere else you see it. Hereby, you can easely compare the animal card at DanBred and the sow card or breed progeny information in Pigvision, and correct information if needed, based on the log files you have received from DanBred.

If you intend to send a service , while the animal is still registered as “breed progeny” at DanBred, you will see an error in return because services can only be added to farm animals. For some reason, the entry as farm animal has never been logged. When you right-click with your mouse on the event date, you get the option to re-send data. When you click here, data is logged and sent to DanBred next time you go to the menu Breeding – Communication – Export data. In this case you need to re-send the entry as farm animal + following services and farrowing. 

It is important you continuously correct errors if you receive them. If these aren’t corrected, the numbers of errors will only increase, especially when you start logging data from the offspring when these become farm animals.


PigVision is able to delete events in DanBred’s Databank. If you have registered a wrong boar at service and have already sent your data to DanBred, you simply replace the boar at service with the correct one. PigVision will automatically log a removal of the first entered boar and send the correct information with the latest entry.

For questions regarding validations or help to the errors you may get in return from DanBred, please consult DanBred’s Partner Service via mail or telephone +45 4488 1188