In PigVision version 2023.6 the following has been implemented: 


General changes: 

Error when printing most of the sow cards from Action list and "Print sow cards". 

When printing sow cards from the action list some of the sow cards caused an error and PigVision was forced to close. This has now been fixed and it is possible to print all sow cards from the action list. 

The Danish, English and German translations has been updated. 


For Danish Customers: 

It is now possible to download slaughter data from Tican using their new API. 

You need to be aware, that: 

  1. SEGES, wh are handling the security about slaughter data download from Tican, are not allowing that password to be saved. This means that you have to type in your credentials when you download slaughter data from Tican.

    Et billede, der indeholder tekst, skærmbillede, Webside, software Automatisk genereret beskrivelse 
  2. You can only download 10 deliveries at the time, when slaughter data is from before 1/1-24. This means that you need to carry out the download more times, if you have more than 10 deliveries to download. The maximum number of deliveries for the download interval must not exceed 10 deliveries. If it does, PigVision will give an error. You then have to shorten the length of the download interval.

  3. You cannot download data with a crossing period of 2023/24. Therefore, you should create two periods, where one ends with the 31th December 2023 and the other period starts with 2/1-24.  

  4. For December downloads, discarded/rejected pigs are not marked and a weight is indicated.
    This means that if you have a fixed value added to the postpayment, postpay is also calculated on the discarded pigs, which results in that there are no discarded pigs delivered in December.

    You can manually enter the discarded/rejected pigs by going to December's single slaughter, filtering "Price"=0 and check mark the column "Rejected". When doing this, the amount of rejected pigs will fit in the E-control.


Changes related to German customers: 

The FER report layout has been updated and is now included in the German  

Herd wizard Et billede, der indeholder tekst, Font/skrifttype, linje/række, software Automatisk genereret beskrivelse 


The formula “Replacement rate” has been included in the German formula collection. 


DB+ Export Wrong farrowing type – GILT. 

Gilts can now be identified in the export to DB+. They will be identified with a “1” in the export. An export line could look like this: WU 780 20201022 1 0 3.  

Explanation for this line: