You import the electronic delivery note by clicking the "Import"-icon at the top of the "Breed progeny"-window, shown in the green square on the picture below.



During import of Topigs Norsvin breed progeny, you must be sure to connect the animals to the Topigs Norsvin herd group. If you are importing the progeny from a TXT-file be sure to select the "Topigs tattoo" in the window "Tag id".


IMPORTANT: Be sure to add the "Purchase date" right after the import.

In the example above "Purchase date" is set to 1/8-23 in the column "Herd group" - "Date". The date should be after the day of delivery.

Note, if you don't set the "Purchase date" before the next sending the next change file, the data exchange will go wrong, and you will not be able to download indexes on the purchased animal(s).