Follow the steps below to authorise an crop advisor / contractor. If the organization has accepted the authorization, he can view your cropping scheme and registration in Cropvision. He can also send advices or registrations


  1. Click Communication.
  2. Click Authorization.
  3. Click + Permission.
  4. Select an organization.
  5. Enter the customer number/relationship number that you have with this organization. (only crop advisors)
  6. Click Save 


You can see that the Status is still set to 'Pending'. This means that the organization still has to accept the authorization. If the organization accept the authorization, the text 'Accepted' will  appear.


If you want to change or revoke the permission for any reason, you can click the authorization and click Revoke. From that moment the crop advisor no longer has access to your cropping scheme and registrations. 


Receive message in the e-mail:

Follow the steps below to receive an email notification as soon as your crop advisor / contractor  sends an advice / registration.


  1. Click on your company name in the top right corner and go to the Settings
  2. Click tab Contact Information.
  3. Enter your email address(es) and choose Save to confirm. Use the white plus button to add an extra email address.