In PigVision version 2022.4 the following features has been implemented: 

We have updated the Swedish translations.
We have replaced “DanAvl” with “DanBred” in the program.

We have removed “Analyses sows - Customized analysis - Dead piglets” report, as this report is replaced by report “Analyses sows – dead suckling piglets”.
We made it possible to search PIC animals by ID number (without the 4-digit fixed pre-fix).
We have replaced all “AgroSoft” logos with “AgroVision” logos in all C1 reports. 

Changes related to Germany

For this version of PigVision, we have added a special report for German consultants.
This report contains some main figures, that is used by the German consultants to make comparisons across farms.
We have improved the export function of FER-reports for the German consultants.
Now you do not have to prepare all 13 reports with a correct start and end date before sending.
In the export function you simply enter start and end date, and all reports will then use these dates. 5 of the 12 reports need to be calculated with an interval that is 116 days before the dates entered, and this is also done automatically.
We have implemented a separate formula collection for Germany, so it is more user-friendly to handle formulas. (a lot of new formulas has been built for Germany).
Translations for Germany has been updated.
Several changes in many of the 13 FER report layouts have been made. 

Several changes and new formulas for the FER reports have been implemented.
Specifically, regarding weaning based on farrowing in period, and exits after service.