When PigVision is online:

The IP-Address is always:

If local PigVision installation:

In the bottom right corner, you can see a small green icon - . Right the icon and select local IP-Addresses and SmartPigs. 

You need to enter the IP-address with :7171 on the front page of SmartPigs. Then you select the reader/scanner you use. If you do not use this, please select NONE. 

In PigVision on you PC you must open: General – Administration - Farm details. 

At the top line you can see your database name, which you must enter (leave out WP_): Here 363061

At the bottlom you can see your pincode: Here 1063

To find the employee login details, go to General – Administration – Employee:

Here you need the code and the Pincode. Here FS and 1234

When you have entered the information, SmartPigs will start up.

If the small green icon is red – please restart the program.