If you want to send an e-control (or any print/report in PigVision) as an attached pdf-file to an mail address you can do so like this:

  • Go to General - Third party and create the receiver. Remember to enter the correct e-mail address.
  • Make your e-control calculation and choose a report in the drop-down menu next to the printer icon. 

Now the print of the e-control is shown on the screen as an pdf-file.

  • Press the mail icon  

  • A new window is opened and you have these choices:
    • Enter Email Address: Here you can enter an e-mail address directly.
    • Email employee: Here you can choose one of the employees created under General - Administration - Employee
    • Email person: Here you can choose one of the third parties created under General - Third party
    • Mail list: Here you can choose the mail lists created under General - Third party. 
    • Mail program: If you program is a standalone you can choose your own mail program instead.

Before you press OK you can write a note for the receiver of the report. 

The receiver(s) will receive an e-mail with an attached pdf-file containing the print.

Note: Please be aware that the mail can end up in spam - so please check this. 

This applies for all prints in PigVision.