When you are using the mobile when working in the stable, you can scan a QR-code on the sow card. If there are other sections that you would like to change on the sow card, you can also do that in the same window. 

Go to "Sows/Boars" - "Print sow cards". 

A new window opens. Click on "Setup layout sow card".


Choose which of the bottom sections you want the QR-code to be in either by clicking directly on the section in the sow card or by choosing a section in "Selected area". 

Afterwards, click on the "Show info" dropdown menu and choose "QR-code". 

Click "Ok" when you are done setting up your sow card. Now the QR -code will now be shown on all your printed sows card and you can scan the QR-code with your PigVision Mobile Sows-app.