If you have a new gilt coming into the herd, you can register many different things about her. Go to “Sows/boars”, then “Entry” and then choose your normal entry screen. Then you click on the “Layout setup”-icon, shown in the green circle in the picture: 




Then you click "Edit global layout” and a new window will come up. Here you can see all the different possibilities of data entry about a new animal coming into your herd. If there is anything specific you want to be able to enter, you can search for it in the search bar, remember to use a star (*) in the beginning and the end of the word you enter in the search bar. Put in checkmarks next to the things you want to register and then click “Ok” when you are done 

You will now see your new layout. To make sure the layout is saved for another time, you go to the layout name and then you copy it and rename it. (Do not use the word PigVision).