If you have already downloaded your slaughter data, but need to download them again, this can be done by deleting the "old" slaughter data first.


Go to "Progeny" - "Slaughter data" - "Slaughterhouse statement". 


Here you will find the unique statement ID. Choose the slaughter data that need to be deleted and press the "Delete" icon.

Press "OK" to delete them.

Et billede, der indeholder tekst, skærmbillede, Font/skrifttype, nummer/tal

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


The slaughter data are now completely deleted from PigVision and you can now download them again.


NOTE: When PigVision checks whether slaughter data has been downloaded, it is always based on the unique statement ID that is on each settlement. If you delete the statement ID in "Slaughterhouse statement", all associated information in "Slaughter group" and "Slaughter single" will be removed at the same time. 


If you delete the settlements in "Slaughter group", the slaughter data will not be removed from the "Slaughterhouse statement" and you must therefore also delete the data in "Slaughterhouse statement".