When you click on one of the options in CowVision HerdManagement under Cow Day Entry, you will come to the Animal Selection Screen.

In this screen you will first see (if applicable) the Attention animals by default. By clicking on the All animals button, you can also call up a list of all animals.

  Which animals are marked as attention animals depends on the values that are set. To access these, click on the Settings button at the top right of the screen.

In the screen that then opens, you can indicate from when you want the animals to be included in the attention list and save these settings.

   The Select Columns button takes you to a screen where you can specify which columns you want to see and in what order you want to see them.


The left and right arrow buttons allow you to move items from the Available columns to the Selected columns and vice versa.


You can use the up and down arrow buttons to determine the order of the selected columns.


The Reset button allows you to reset the column settings to the default.

By clicking one or more times on a column heading you can indicate which column you want to use for sorting the animals and in which order.

If there is a single arrow behind the column heading and it points up, the animals are sorted from 1 -> 9 or from a -> z based on this column.

If there is one arrow behind the column heading and it points downwards, the animals are sorted from 9 -> 1 or from z -> a based on this column.