Register sprout inhibition products  during storage or treatment of your seed potatoes against Rhizoctonia in CropVision requires some creativity. Follow the steps below to register a product treatment.

When applying sprout inhibitors or treating seed potatoes against Rhizoctonia, you usually apply a certain amount of agent per ton of product. For example, for sprout inhibition, you use 100 ml of product per ton of potatoes. Registration in CropVision is based on a dosage per hectare. So if you have an estimated yield of 55 tonnes per ha in storage, you will register 55 x 100 ml = 5.5 l/ha for this treatment. In the registration memo, you can include any comments about storage location, application conditions, product temperature or degree of germination.  

The same applies for treatment of starting material. Calculate how many kilograms of starting material you are using and how many ml of product per kg are used for treatment.  For example, do you apply an agent at a rate of 200 ml per 100 kg of winter wheat seed. If you then sow 180 kg of seed per hectare, apply 200 ml x 1.8 = 0.36 l/ha of the pesticide.