To restore a backup go to: Access - Set-up options.  




Cllick on ‘Green V’ at Set-up options 


In Set-up options we go to: Miscellaneous, Restore backup 





When the backup file is located click on Open 




Then we click on:  at Restore directory search the folder where to store the database. Here we enter C:\FARM.WIN 




The following message appears: 


Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse 


After this message we click on Yes to overwrite the existing data on this pc and the backup will be restored.   


Then we start the FARM program again and choose menu option Miscellaneous - Update language  


Enter the language(s) to update and click on:  




When the program has finished the updating click on ‘OK’ 


And then once on ‘STOP’ 

Et billede, der indeholder bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse