A location can only be deleted when there are no events where it has been used. Mostly these locations will only have been used a few times in the software from where it has been converted, mainly because of entry errors.

In the below example, a location “Cleanup” has been created and there are three locations that need to be deleted.

Below we have the three locations that are to be deleted.

If you try to delete a location, e.g. location “-“  then the program will answer, telling that location can’t be deleted because it is “in use”.

Click OK and then use the “Delete Replace” (icon in the red box).

Click “Yes” and the locations are gone. All events on this location will now be shown at the location "Clean up". 

Change a location to "Passive":

If the location has events but is no longer in use, you can change the status to "Passive" instead of "New/Active". This way all events will be stored but not shown, if you set up a filter to see only "New/Active" locations.

Change the name of a location:

If you have a location which is not in use any longer and you want to reuse the code of the location you can renamed the "old" one. 

Search the location and place the mouse in the location code that you want to rename. Press F2 and you can rename the location. Now the program will rename the location all over and you can make a new location with the old code. 

Here it is renamed to 999 - it is set to passive and there is a filter saying: only show new and active.