To use the analyses under Analysis sows you have to set the period calculation and period selection. It is also possible to set up limitation for many of the analyses. All of these options are made in the left side of each analysis window

Period calculation

In the top drop-down box you select whether the analysis is calculated based on the period selected or if it should correct for full weeks or full service groups. 

If you e.g. select “Full weeks” and you (at General – Setup – Service groups) have set your service group week to start on a Tuesday, the program will correct the date to calculate from a Tuesday should you accidentally enter the date of a Monday.


In the second drop-down box you select which period the analysis is being calculated for. If you select “None” you have the option to enter specific dates. If you have chosen “Full weeks” or “Full service groups” in the period calculation, the program will correct the dates accordingly.

Limitation of the analysis 

Click on Edit just below the Limitations box if you want to limit the analysis to e.g. only calculate for a specific litter number or. 

Click on Litter if you want to limit by anything related to the litter and click Animal if you want to limit by anything related to the animal. You can add multiple limitations in the same analysis as shown below. 

Click OK when you are finished. The limitations will then be shown in the Limitation box that was previously empty. When the analysis is calculated it will do so based on the criteria in the Limitation box. 

Note: The Period- and limitations follows the layout for the analysis. Hence you can ex. make a layout for each breed. 

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