A MyAgroVision account can be used as an organization account, this account is the main account and ruled by the admin of the organization. When an account got organizational rights it's possible to add employees from that organization and share data of the farms with the employees. This process is described in steps below.

Add employees

To add users to the organization go to log in with your organization account and from the main screen tap on the Organization button on the left side of the screen. Shown with a red circle on the picture below. 


Press the "+" in the middle of the screen and the following window will appear. 


Type the email address of the user you want to add and press "Confirm". An e-mail will be sent to the mail address. If the account already exist the mail is to notify the user that the account is added. If the account is not existing then in the mail there is a link to set up the password for that account. Username is already filled in. Users will appear below the green line on the screen.


In the case below the user already has a MyAgroVision account and recieved an notification e-mail.



In the case below the user is new.


Share farm data with employee

Now you can assign farms to your employees. For this you click on the Shield button (permissions) on the left side of the screen. Shown in the red circle on the picture below.



On the screen all farms that shares data with your organization will be listed. 


Select the farm and press the green share button on the right side of the screen. List of employee names will appear. Put a checkmark below the employee name with whom you want to share the data of that farm. 



You can repeat this with every farm shared with your organization and give permissions to employees to view the data of a certain farm.