When you create a farm animal (sow) in PigVision you actually give a breeding progeny a sow number and the type is changed to Farm animal. 

If the sow no and the DanBred ID does not match you have two possible situations:

  • Sow is correct but is created from the wrong DanBred ID.

Find the animal in the sowcard window using the search field.

Et billede, der indeholder bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Delete the events: services, farrowings and weanings. 

Delete the sowcard using the red X at the top. 

When you send to Danbred next time this will also deleted in DanBred 

The animal will return to the type progeny and can be used again.

Now you can create the sow again from the correct DanBred ID.

  • DanBred ID is correct but is given a wrong sow number.

In this situation go to the list with the breeding stock.

Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Here you find the animal by typing the DanBred ID in the search field.

Next you change the Number by overwriting the existing number and you will be asked to accept the change.

Et billede, der indeholder bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

This change is automatically logged – just send the data to DanBred again and it will be logged to DanBred.