Go to 14. Herd Entry

By default, the sorting is on Attention Animals.

Clicking on All Animals will bring all animals into view.

Enter the correct animal number or look it up in the list.

Set the type to Purchase.

Fill in the required fields, the fields with a red/green bar are required.

These are the following fields:

  • Location entry
  • Herd entry date, default is the current day.
  • Eartag
  • Number, if it is a dairy cow and you have a link to a feeding computer, you can also fill in the responder number directly.
  • Hair color
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Lactation number
  • If it is a cow, then the last calving date must also be entered.


The other data, Pedigree, such as father and mother (Dam) data, are not compulsory. This information is included in an NRS file that usually comes in after a milk inspection.

When everything is entered, click on Save and send.