At Cow data entry, 17. Treatment Plans you will find your list of active treatment plans.

You can filter by name, treatment plan type (curative/preventive), category, disease and activity (active, inactive or all treatment plans).

If you click on a treatment plan, you can edit the treatment plan. 

In the treatmentPlan section, you can change the type/category/disease and name, here you can also indicate if the treatment plan is active. 

In the treatments section, you can add a treatment.

Here you can indicate on which day the animal was treated with which medicine, here you cannot change the dosage or method of administration. You can change this at settings animal registration, disease/treatments. There you will find the medicine and the specifications of this medicine. 

With the button duplicate the treatment is added again.

With the pencil behind the treatment you can change the day and the treatment.

The cross will remove the treatment.

By add treatment you can add another medicine to the treatment plan.

The changes can be saved, by clicking save changes on te right bottom.

If you select a treatment plan when entering a disease registration, the treatments that are in this plan will appear.