At the bottom of the front screen, in PigVison Mobile Sows, you will see three buttons. The left button gives you access to todays and this weeks results. The middle button shows you the main screen from which you can access all the major features of the app. The right button gives you a shortcut to enter events against individual animals rather than using the main data entry options. 


Tapping the left side button gives you access to today's and this week's results from the data entered as shown by the picture.

You can tap either "Today" or "This week" at the top to see the chosen figures. If you tap on an event such as "Weaning", it will show you the animals that have been weaned and how many piglets were weaned. From here you can either swipe right to view their sow card or tap on them to enter a new event. 


Tapping the middle button gives you access to the main home screen with various options available to you including viewing the service, farrowing and weaning lists, the “All animals”-list and more. 


Tapping the right button gives you access to the individual animal entry screen where you can enter events for animals or view a sow card. Simply tap your chosen option and then enter the animal you want to see and press the enter key. The animal will appear, and you can enter the chosen event and either “Save and close” or “Save and choose a new animal”. This feature is useful when you want to enter a quick event when you know the animal in question and do not need to choose it from a list.