From the start screen, several work lists appear. 

These lists are: 

  • Service
  • Farrowing
  • Weaning
  • Retreatment
  • All farm animals
  • My work list

From the home screen, tap on the "Service" list to show animals available to be served. They will be listed in date order with the ones overdue a service at the top (last event shown in red). 

Scroll down to find the animal you wish to serve or start tapping her number into the "Search" box at the top and the app will narrow down the list of animals based on what you enter. If you have an RFID tag reader, you can also read a tag to go to that animal. 

Tap on the animal you want to serve to display the service entry screen or swipe right on her number to reveal the sow card icon, where you can check history.

You will see the screen shown below and you are now ready to enter service information. 




Today's date will show by default, but you can adjust this by tapping the "+" and "-" buttons to go forward or back in time. Alternatively, you can tap on the date and choose from the calendar that appears. 

You can also enter other information about the service such as semen batch no, boar/AI and executor (employee) by tapping on the relevant option and then choosing from a list you have set up in PigVision. 

Once you are happy with the entry, you can either tap "Save Service" at the bottom to go back to the list of available animals or tap one of the extra event options just above this such as; relocation, treatment or adding a second service. 


If you want to learn more about the PigVision Mobile Sows App, you can find an eLearning course here: