If you want to see the IDs of animals in each paritythen go to “Management”, then “Farm list”, click “Ok” and then farm list will appear on your screen: 




In the top you see different tabs, green circle, go to the tab called “Age of herd”. Here you will see a list like this:  




If you want to see the IDs of the animals in their 2. parity you double-click on the number of pigs, here 269 pigs. A new list will appear on your screen. If the ID is not on the list by default you right-click “Event” and scroll down the list to find "Danavl tagid or any other Tag ID column, then you put a checkmark in the box next to and then click “Ok”. Your list will now look like this:  




And you can see the IDs of all the pigs in their 2nd parity.