Go to 08. Health.

Then select the animal in question and click on Start data entry.

You could also choose to type in the animal number in the Find Animal screen.

Fill in the required fields:

  • Diagnosis date
  • Animal weight
  • Treatmentplan name
  • Category
  • Disease

Optionally, the sliders at Bact. examination and Preventative could be switched.

To add a treatment, go through the following steps:

Choose under Treatments, Add Treatment.

Select the treatment from the list.

Then fill in the required fields (normally this is already largely filled in):

  • Treatment
  • Date
  • Dosage
  • Treatment type
  • Executor
  • Waiting period milk
  • Waiting period meat

Then click on Save treatment.

To administer the same treatment the next day, you can now click on the Duplicate button.

The data will now be copied and the date will be moved forward one day.

To add a second treatment you can repeat the above steps.

When everything is entered correctly, click on Next in the lower right corner.

You will now enter the summary screen. Check the data and click on Save.

The disease is now registered.