If you want to reorder 1 ear tag, you can click on the corresponding animal.

If you want to re-order several ear tags, select the boxes for the respective animal numbers.

  • Then select Start data entry.
  • Enter the Supplier and the Eartag format. 

This is only necessary the first time, after that, the program remembers the last choice used.  

  • Now click on Next.
  • When you order several eartags at once you can also choose the option add to all animals. Then the same eartag will be ordered for each animal. 
  • Next you will see the Summary screen. Check if the data is correct. If necessary you can remove a line with the red cross.
  • Click on Save and send. The reports will be sent immediately.

Under Day Input Check, 01. History data entry you can check whether the messages have been sent.