You can draw a shape on the map using a reference layer. The shape is added automatically as soon as you select shape. You can choose from the following reference layers:


  • Own field plots: you see all the self-added field plots on the map. 
  • Fields: select a country, zoom in on the map and you will see the purple plots. 
  • Unconnected plots: if available, you will see the drawn shapes without a connected field.
  • Topographic fields NL (RVO): the fields with the boundaries of agricultural land.
  • Own crop fields NL (RVO): The map shows your own crop field as known to RVO.
  • Imported plots (only PL): the map shows the imported plots. Use the button 'Import Geo layer' for uploading plots.


Follow the steps below to add a shape using the reference layer Fields:


  1. Click Registration, Culture registration and tab Map.
  2. Select the reference layer Fields, country and year. 
  3. Zoom in to view the reference layer. Use the magnifying glass buttons at the top right of the map to zoom in or out, or use the scroll function on your mouse. You can move the map¹ by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Do this 'outside' the purple plots. 
  4. Click a purple plot that you want to select.
  5. Choose a field/culture or add a new field/culture with + Culture /+ Field.
  6. Click Connect. 


¹This also works when drawing/changing a shape.