Layouts in PigVision are used in all areas of the software from data entry to reports. In this guide, we will show you how to set up layouts and to customize your requirements.

In PigVision a set of standard layouts are set up for you. It is possible to create a renamed copy for editing.  

In the example below a standard PigVision layout "PigVision:Farrowing" is applicable for registration of farrowings.

To set up your personal layout you need to copy the existing layout and rename it. The name can not contain "PigVision" because it is devoted the standard layouts. 

If you want the new layout to become available for all your users, you must make it global.

The layout is global when it is written with bold font.

To add, move or remove key figures and registration columns click on the "Layout setup"-icon and choose "Edit global layout":

Now a list of all columns appears which you can choose between. You are able to:

  1. Click + or - to open options for fx "animal"
  2. Put checkmark if you want to add to the list. Press * or - to see more or less
  3. Search for key figures: start with * write af part of the word and end with * fx "*fat*" - double click to add and close the box
  4. Change the sequence in the list
  5. Click on the key figure and click on 4 to change to read-only (binoculars) or editing (pencil)

Now you created your personal layout for registration of farrowing, and in this case you are now able to registrate back fat at the same time.