Layouts in PigVision are used in all areas of the software from data entry to reports. In this guide, we will show you how to set these up and customise them to meet your requirements.

When you first start using PigVision, a set of standard layouts will be set up for you which should enable you to get started with all areas of the software. These can be adjusted  in terms of layout and also new layouts can also be created to suit various users of the system.

How to create your own custom layout:

Bring up any data entry or report layout on screen such as the one shown below:

The current name of this layout is called "Farrow" and is a standard UK one for entering farrowings. If you want to adjust this layout but not change the existing one, click onto the little down arrow to the right of the Layout box and rest your mouse on the current layout name to show the options available as shown below:

Select - choose this to select this layout.

Edit - choose this to edit the existing layout.

Rename - choose this to give the current layout a new title.

Copy - choose this option to take the existing setup of the layout but set up a new layout with a new name.

From the above options, choose Copy and then name the new layout as you wish and press Enter. This will create this new layout and display it on-screen where you can make changes to the columns and format without affecting the standard "Farrow" layout. 

Once your new layout has been created, click on it from the Layout box and choose the option "make global" to ensure that all users who access your database can see this layout. It will show in bold type once you have done this. If you wish to keep a layout you have created just for you, please leave as it is and it will show in non-bold type and only be usable for you.

Please note: if you make changes to a standard "PigVision" layout, remember to choose the Copy option mentioned above and give it a new name as otherwise it will be overwritten by the standard layout the next time PigVision is updated.

How to change the layout column setup:


The below explanation will work for adding or removing columns from a data entry window or changing key figures shown on a report.

 The aim on the above window is to add the columns where you can register the sex of the litter born.

To add or remove a column from the screen, either click the Layout Setup button (shown by green arrow above) or right-click on a column heading such as Live born, still born etc. If you click the layout setup button, choose Edit global layout from the box that appears to bring up the list of available options (shown below).

Scroll down to find the column you want to add and place a tick in the box as shown above for Sow piglets and Boar piglets. If you want to change where the column appears on your layout, use the Up or Down buttons on the right hand side (shown but the blue rectangle) or hold down the Shift key and arrow up or down buttons on your keyboard. When happy with the layout, click OK to set the new layout.