Here some examples of what task could be:

  • Normal tasks:
    1. Checking feed bins
    2. Washing empty weaner units
  • Tasks with animal information:
    1. Preg. checking
    2. Vaccinations


Tasks are set up in Management, Action list:

In Action list open the “Setup”.

Create the Normal tasks that you need:

In the example below three tasks have been created:

T1 is setup to be done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

T2 is setup to be done on Thursdays.

T3 is setup to be done every day.


Going back to the Action list overview and only wanting to print out the Tasks you do as follows:

  • Select the period that you want the tasks printed for.
  • Checkmark the tasks you want to have printed.
  • Select “Action list” in the field marked with a blue box in the screenshot below.
  • Click Preview to see the tasks before printing them.


Here is the result of the Preview of the three tasks from the example:



If you want to combine normal task list with tasks that include sows, then the sow selections must be for a given fix number of days.

Here an example of a combined action lists:

To open the Sow selection, double click in a field in the blue box.


Here the sow selection is just showing four tasks with sows.


Here the sow selection setup for the 5 week preg. check.