When you want to start using MyAgroVision you need to create a MyAgroVision account. In MyAgroVision you'll have acces to interactive reports like Operational Monitor, Service Group Monitor and Multi Site Monitor. 

Create a MyAgroVision account

  • Click on "Register new user", shown in the red circle in the picture below.

  • A new screen will be shown. Here you must enter your email address and then a password of your own choice. There are different criteria your password must contain. You can see when these are fulfilled, as a green checkmark will appear next to the criteria. 


  • When you've filled in the boxes and your password matches all the criteria you click on “Register new user".

  • You'll then receive an activation email with a link. Press "Activate" and your account is now activated. If you dont receive this link within 5 minutes, then check your spam mail.

  • Your MyAgroVision account is now created and active to use. Go to MyAgroVision and start using the interactive reports.