Register all removals/exits of all types of breeding stock from the herd. Note that it is not possible to view all previously registered removals in this window (this is done at Sows/boars – Animal – Removal) though you can view the individual registered sows by entering their sow numbers.

The general icons at the top of the window are described at General icons.

 Click on the first printer icon to print the list of animals you’re registering as removed. You can also choose another layout in the drop-down box and click on the second printer icon to print the list in the chosen layout

 Click on the first printer icon to print the sow card of the animal in the default layout. You can choose another layout in the drop-down box and click on the second printer icon to print the sow card in the chosen layout

Export: Export removal registrations to any location on the computer. This can be used if you have sold breeding stock to another farm. How to use this feature is explained under the section below 'Export Breeding stock'

Animal number: Register the number of the animal

Exit Date: The date the animal was removed from the herd

Exit Type: Select the type of exit in the drop-down box. At General – Cause you select what codes can be used as exit types

Exit Cause: The cause of the removal. You can view the different Cause codes by clicking on  or using the F5-key. Select a code by double clicking on it. At General – Cause you select which codes can be used as exit causes.


You can use Layout setup  to add additional registration columns. It is recommended to create your own layout which is described at How to set up and use layouts.

In the example below, three Last medicine columns have been added showing the date of the last treatment and the number of containment days registered in the journal.

Export breeding stock

You can sell empty and pregnant animals and export their sow cards. If you try to export a lactating sow you will receive and error message as this is not possible within the program. You export sow cards by:

  • Copying the layout and naming it Export
  • Click on the  icon and go to the “Special function” tab
  • Select Export and click OK
  • Register a removal date and click OK which returns you to the Removal registration window
  • Register the animal number(s) you want to export and click Enter, after which the program automatically registers the removal date (entered in the window earlier) and sets exit cause to Sold
  • When you have registered the animals you want to export, click on  to save the file on your computer. Find a location and click OK

The breeding animals are now exported and you have registered a removal in the herd. You can send the exported file to the buyer so it can be imported to his/her farm.

Export of gilts:

In case your customer does not use PigVision, you can make a list of the animals,  the service list. Then you press CTRL + e and you can export the data to an Excel sheet, which can be converted to a CSV-file and sent to the customer.

Note: When you get an export file and you want to import there are informations that need to be en the file:

  •  The breeding ID's must not exist in the database into which you import the socard.
  • The weanings must have an weaning weight IF the setting for 'Weaning weight enter rule' under General - Setup - Validation is set to 'Entered'

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