Follow the steps in this guide and contact your feed supplier to have them give you the identification number that they have given your feed blends and components. Together with your CPH No. this will be your assurance that only you will have access to your feed blends and components.


To get started you have to create a MyAgroVision account. If you already have a MyAgroVision account, then you can jump to “Now you can log in”.


Open PigVision.













Click on the icon ”MyAgroVision” in the lower right corner of PigVision and the following screen opens:

First choose language (black arrow on picture). 

Click the ”Register new user” and a new window will appear:

Here you enter your email address and a password of your own choice. The password has to be entered two times and must contain a number, a capital letter, a lowercase letter and a special sign (!”#¤%&/()=+?). In all it must contain at least 6 characters. Now click ”Register new user”.


Within minutes you should receive an email like to one below with an activation link:



When you have activated your account, you will get another e-mail telling you “Welcome to MyAgroVision”:



Now you can log in.


When you have logged in, you are ready to set up the link to your feed supplier(s).




To link to your feed supplier(s), you need the identification number from your feed supplier.

Without this identification number you can’t complete the setup.



After log in this window will come up:

There might be more or less items than the ones shown here. The one that is about the link to the feed supplier(s) is “Receive recipes from feed suppliers”

The small ”i” to the left of the menu is an information box with information about what the link to the feed supplier is about.


Activating the “Receive recipes from feed suppliers” is done by clicking the slider so it turns green. You will then also see that the ”Permission details”  has turned green.

Click on the “Permission details” box and a new window to the right will open:

Here you can select one of the feed suppliers that have uploaded recipes and raw materials for your CPH. No.




First choose ”Select feed supplier” by clicking the arrow-down on the right side. From the dropdown you select your feed supplier. In the field ”Your identifier” enter the identification number from your feed supplier.


When this is done you can click ”Done” or you can click the ”+” if you have more feed suppliers to link to.




After this setup, data has to be sent to AgroVision so that the link between you and the feed supplier(s) can be established. Close the MyAgroVision by clicking the cross in the upper right corner.


Back in the main PigVision menu you have to send the data to AgroVision Data Exchange (ADEx). Click on the menu “General”, then “Administration”, “Export” and here select “Upload to ADEx”.

When the upload is done then the program will inform you that the upload to ADEx is done.


















Now ADEx has to process the data and after about 5-10 minutes you can again click on MyAgroVision and now you can link your own feed recipes and components to the recipes and components the feed supplier has registered in WinOpti. 

Click on the icon in the red box and the window will open where the mapping is done. Like the one below:

Information to this page can be found below. From left to right:


Block 1: Will show the last inventory in which the feed has been used. This will first have data when an e-control has been made.


Block 2: Is where you have your CPH No. and the Sub CPH No’s. This can be used if you have multiply farms that each have their own CPH No. 


Block 3: Is where you can find your own feed and recipes by code and name.


Block 4: Is the date from which date any changes to the recipes or components are to be valid from in regards to calculating e-control reports.


Block 5 Is where you have the list of feed blends and components that the feed mill(s) have upload to you CPH No. in combination with the identification number you have entered earlier. To see the different items on the list, click the arrow down icon to the right in in the box. Select the ones that match your own feed blends and components.


When done with linking the different feed blends and components close the MyAgroVision window by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner. The mapping you have made is saved automatically.

You can now turn to making you e-controls and see will see that the feed blends and components will show the data that has been imported from the feed supplier(s).